The perfect way to brand your team laptops, tablets and phones. 


Our stickers are high quality removable vinyl, not those paper ones that you can’t get off.

The perfect way to brand

your team laptops,

iPads and iPhones.

Working on the 8.15am to Brighton, or in a cafe down the road, your laptop is the perfect place to plaster your logo on. And you never know who might see your branded laptop and start that all important conversation.
Logo stickers are great as giveaways too. In a digital-world, real-world marketing can be forgotten.
And science says, everybody loves stickers!

Select the style of sticker you want

Prices from £60 for 100 stickers including VAT and UK shipping (75mm wide)


Square/Rectangle Stickers


Circle or Oval Stickers

Die-Cut (Cut to Shape) Stickers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply the sticker?

The best way to apply the sticker is by cleaning your device first, then removing the backing paper and sticking the sticker to the device, smoothing the bubbles out from the centre. Alternatively you could just slap them on.

Can I remove the sticker?

You can easily remove your sticker, the best way is to do it in a warm environment, but please don’t put your iPad in a microwave that will cause a bigger problem. Just pick and peel, our stickers are removable vinyl so will come away cleanly not leaving sticky mess or bits of paper on your device.

How long does the sticker last?

There is no guaranteed length of time, however we have stickers on devices that are a few years old. The stickers are laminated with a film that is UV protected and scratch proof.

Can I order something different?

Absolutely we have selected the above sticker packages to make ordering easier, but if you have a specific request we can do bespoke designs and volumes.

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Some of our customers have placed bespoke orders, if this is something you are interested in please email or call us.

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